Yancheng boasts golden coastal shores on the sea named for its 2,000-year history as "a city encircled by salt fields". Steeped in an ancient salt culture, it exudes a distinct maritime character. Abundant local products and picturesque scenery have earned Yancheng nicknames like "Land of Fish and Rice" and "Beaches of Gold and Ponds of Silver".

With flat terrain crisscrossed by rivers, Yancheng's lakeside landscapes are naturally stunning. Major attractions include Dazong Lake, Jiulongkou, and Majiadang saucer-shaped lakes. Don't miss man-made sights like the Milu Park, Yancheng Nature Reserve, China Sea Salt Museum, and Yancheng New Fourth Army Memorial Museum. From water parks to wetlands, relics to reserves, Yancheng's coastal charms and cultural treasures entice travelers seeking nature's bounty and history's imprint.

Best Travel Time

Best April October

Suggested playing days

2-3 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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