Bordering the Yellow Sea and Yangtze River, Nantong is a historical and cultural city in Jiangsu Province, China. Nantong boasts many famous attractions, led by the scenic Haohe River district. Other popular sites include Langshan Scenic Area, Nantong Museum, Nantong Abacus Museum, Rugao Watercolor Park, and Dijishi Bridge Textile Industry Tourism Zone.

With a long history as a port city, Nantong charms visitors with riverside walks, historic gardens, and fascinating museums. The scenic Haohe River district offers natural wetland beauty to explore. Langshan's pine-covered peaks provide panoramic views. Nantong Museum and Abacus Museum give insight into the region's history and culture. Creative souls will love expressing themselves at Rugao Watercolor Park. For shopping, Dijishi Bridge area tempts with lovely textiles. Whatever your interest, Nantong is an engaging coastal gateway.

Best Travel Time

Spring Best

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

North subtropical and warm temperate monsoon climate

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