Located in north-central Jiangsu Province, Huai'an sits in the eastern Jianghuai Plain and is a cradle of ancient Jianghuai culture. It is the hometown of Premier Zhou Enlai and was one of the "Four Great Cities" along the Grand Canal, together with Yangzhou, Suzhou and Hangzhou, earning the epithet "Capital of the Grand Canal".

Huai'an has both a bounty of human landmarks like Wentong Pagoda, Zhenhuai Lou, Han Xin's Hometown, Wu Cheng'en's Residence, and Guan Tianpei Memorial; and striking natural scenery like Tieshan Temple Nature Reserve, dubbed "Jiangsu's Jiuzhaigou", Mount Qi in Qiuxian, and expansive Jinhu Lake lotus fields.

Beyond its scenic and cultural treasures, Huai'an holds special appeal as the birthplace of visionary leaders like Zhou Enlai. Walking where they once walked brings China's history to life. With scenic canal vistas, connections to luminaries, and natural beauty from mountains to flowers, Huai'an is a microcosm of Jiangsu's rich attractions.

Best Travel Time

Best April October

Suggested playing days

2-3 days

Local climate

Transitional climate from warm temperate zone to subtropical zone

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