Tongliao City is located in eastern Inner Mongolia on the western edge of the Songliao Plain, part of Northeast China. Formerly known as Jehol League, Tongliao was established in the first year of the Chongde reign during the Qing Dynasty. The land is fertile, water and grasses abundant, with diverse wildlife including nationally protected species like red-crowned cranes, white storks, demoiselle cranes, milu deer, and sables. Tongliao is also an important livestock production base renowned as the "Hometown of Yellow Cattle".

Famous attractions include Daqing Gou, Zurhi River Grassland, Agula Grassland, Naiman Princedom, Jarud Banner Grassland, and Tekeshan Mountain. With fertile soil, verdant pastures, exotic wildlife, and rich nomadic culture and history, Tongliao offers a delightful grassland experience for visitors.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons, summer is the best.

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Temperate continental monsoon climate

Tongliao Surrounding Cities

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