Tonghua, the largest city in southeast Jilin Province, is renowned as the "Hometown of Ginseng", "Hometown of Grape Wine", and "Hometown of Juniper Writing Brushes".

Rich in cultural heritage, key attractions include the Donggou Ancient Tombs, Wandu Mountain City, Neicheng Ancient City, Bawang Chaoshan City Ruins, and Changchuan Mural Tombs. Natural landscapes like Wunvfeng Forest Park, Qianye Lake, Yuhuang Mountain Park, Yunfeng Lake, and Jinchang Ski Resort draw visitors as well.

As a popular red tourism destination, martyr memorials commemorate revolutionary heroes like Yang Jingyu, Yuhuang Mountain Martyrs Cemetery, and Gao Zhihang Memorial.

With ancient history, stunning nature, and important revolutionary sites, Tonghua offers diverse attractions for all travelers.

Best Travel Time

Summer Best

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Temperate continental monsoon climate

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