Hohhot is a famous border city with over 400 years of history and distinct ethnic characteristics alongside numerous historic sites and attractions. It has over 50 temples of various styles. Picturesque grasslands dot the suburbs, dotted with sheep and cattle, filled with birdsong and fragrant flowers. To the south bank of the Dahei River lies the ancient Western Han Dynasty tomb of Wang Zhaojun, towering like a green hill.

Lake Harsu, known as the "Lake Beyond the Great Wall", is a natural scenic lake with crystal blue waters under sunny skies. Connected to the Mongolian Quarter is the Islamic Quarter done in desert yellows with alternating greens and whites. Rounded domes and towering minarets evoke rich Islamic culture and architecture. From temples to tombs, grasslands to lakes, Hohhot allows visitors to experience the diverse history and culture of northern China.

Best Travel Time

All seasons are available, with summer and autumn being the best.

Suggested playing days

1-2 days

Local climate

Central temperate continental monsoon climate

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