Keelung City, formerly known as Chicken Cage, is located at the northern tip of Taiwan Island and is one of the five main cities in Taiwan. It is renowned for its natural deep-water harbor and often called the "Gateway to Taiwan" due to its northern location. Keelung's rainy winters have also earned it the nickname "Rainy Port."

The city administers seven districts: Ren'ai, Anle, Xinyi, Qidu, Zhongshan, Zhongzheng, and Nuannuan. With surrounding islands, harbors, and hills, this bustling port city is nestled between the mountains and sea. Keelung Harbor serves as the most important commercial seaport in northern Taiwan.

Highlights include the Keelung Night Market, Heping Island, Badouzi, Zhongzheng Park, and various historic sites that reflect Keelung's rich multicultural history as an important maritime trading port. Visitors can enjoy seafood, harbor views, hiking, and learning about the city's past influenced by Spanish, British, Japanese, and Chinese cultures.

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