New Taipei, previously known as Taipei County, was officially reclassified and upgraded to a municipal city in 2010. Nestled at the northernmost tip of Taiwan, New Taipei embraces Taipei City within its gentle arms. Neighboring cities include Keelung, Yilan, and Taoyuan.相比于Taipei City's dazzling glamour, New Taipei exudes a altogether different charm, one that is unrefined and authentic. It is home to the narrow stone steps of Jiufen, the twinkling lights of the sunset over the Tamshui dock, the painted trains slowly passing through the Ping溪railway, and the fearless Queen's head in the Wild Lion Geological Park. Like a natural beauty without any adornment, New Taipei welcomes the test of time and visitors with its original face.

Best Travel Time

New Taipei is adjacent to Taipei City, and the best time is in spring and autumn, especially from October to November. At this time, the temperature is around 22 ℃ -24 ℃, and there are relatively few rainy days, making it comfortable and pleasant. From the end of May to September every year, it is summer, hot and humid; December February is winter, and although the temperature may not be too low, it is humid and rainy, giving people a very cold feeling. In addition, June to October is the typhoon season in Taiwan every year, with July to September being the most frequent. It is recommended to stagger this period for tourism to New Taipei.

Dressing Guidelines

Taichung has mild winters from December to March, averaging around 18°C. Pack pants, long sleeves and a medium-weight jacket. Summers from May to October are hot and humid, with temperatures steady around 27°C. June to August sees highs around 32°C. Light pants or shorts with short sleeve shirts work well. Bring a thin extra layer like a jacket or sweater for cool evenings or windy days.

On hot sunny days, don't forget a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Umbrellas help in sudden storms too. Pack clothes that dry quickly if caught in rain. Locals dress casually, so shorts, skirts, t-shirts and sandals are comfortable for exploring Taichung's neighborhoods and markets on foot. Check the forecast to confirm, but packing layers for Taichung's fluctuating conditions ensures you'll stay cool while enjoying all the city has to offer.

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