Located in the northwest of Taiwan Island, Taoyuan County overlooks the mountains and faces the sea. Whether it's the plateau or the urban area, there is always a poetic place for you to visit, amidst the natural scenery and cultural geography. The main scenic spots include Shimen Reservoir, Jiaoban Mountain Park, and Hu toushan Park. As for cultural attractions, they are mainly concentrated in the东南部乡镇 of Daxixi, Longtan, Fuxing, etc., such as Daxixi Old Street, Li Tengfang Ancestral Home, Qiming Temple, Lotus Seat Mountain Guanyin Temple and other historical sites, as well as the famous Daxixi Bean Curd and wood crafts. The Beixiao Highway is the most wonderful tourist route in this county, which connects Cihu, Jiaoban Mountain Scenic Area, Dongyanshan Forest Recreation Area, Xiaowulaifengjingquan and Badaguan Mountain Nature Reserve, as well as Galaha Hot Springs. During the summer when the water蜜桃 is in season, you can enjoy a big meal.

Taoyuan County is not only endowed with natural resources but also rich in cultural heritage. The people of Taoyuan are known for their hospitality and frugality. When you visit Taoyuan, you will find that the local snacks are especially delicious, such as the famous Daxixi Bean Curd. In addition, Taoyuan is also a good place for shopping. The local handicrafts, such as wood carvings and stone carvings, are well-known.

Taoyuan is also one of Taiwan's important agricultural areas. The main crops include rice, sugar cane, tea and tobacco. The fertile soil and abundant rainfall make it an ideal place for farming. In addition to traditional crops, Taoyuan is also famous for its fruit cultivation industry, especially for watermelons. Every summer when the watermelon is in season, large quantities of watermelons are exported to other regions.

As an important transportation hub in Taiwan, Taoyuan is convenient for both land and air transportation. There are highways and railways passing through the county. In addition, there are also many scenic spots and historical sites along the way that are worth visiting.

In general, Taoyuan County is a place with rich natural resources, profound cultural heritage and convenient transportation. It is an ideal destination for both travel and tourism.


The official currency in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD or NTD). When traveling to Taoyuan, having a UnionPay card is very convenient as 80% of ATMs in Taiwan accept UnionPay. You can withdraw TWD directly using your UnionPay card at convenience stores like 7-Eleven and FamilyMart or at post offices. As of now, the exchange rate is approximately 1 CNY = 4.97 TWD (please check current rates). Taiwan’s regulations for incoming travelers are: up to 60,000 TWD can be brought in; there are no restrictions on the amount of USD brought in but amounts over 10,000 USD must be declared; amounts of CNY over 20,000 must also be declared with any excess sealed by customs until departure. It's recommended to exchange TWD at Taipei Airport or your hotel, not in Hong Kong due to poor rates. International credit cards like Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay are widely accepted. Some shops accept CNY.

Best Travel Time

October November is the best travel time. During this period, the temperature is comfortable when going to Taoyuan, and the sun is not too bright, and there will be no storms.

Dressing Guidelines

Taichung has mild winters from December to March, averaging around 18°C. Pack pants, long sleeves and a medium-weight jacket. Summers from May to October are hot and humid, with temperatures steady around 27°C. June to August sees highs around 32°C. Light pants or shorts with short sleeve shirts work well. Bring a thin extra layer like a jacket or sweater for cool evenings or windy days.

On hot sunny days, don't forget a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Umbrellas help in sudden storms too. Pack clothes that dry quickly if caught in rain. Locals dress casually, so shorts, skirts, t-shirts and sandals are comfortable for exploring Taichung's neighborhoods and markets on foot. Check the forecast to confirm, but packing layers for Taichung's fluctuating conditions ensures you'll stay cool while enjoying all the city has to offer.

Safety considerations

Taiwan offers Youth Travel Cards specifically for domestic and foreign travelers aged 15-30. The cards provide discounts on attractions, transportation, hotels, dining, and shopping to encourage youth tourism.

- Ages 15-30 with valid ID showing proof of age

Getting a card:
- Free of charge
- Bring passport, entry permit, or other identification
- Complete on-site application at select locations

- Major transit hubs like Taipei Main Station, airports, metro stations
- Tourism centers in Taipei City
- Taipei Youth Volunteer Center

- Cards issued in 2006-2008 remain valid until December 31, 2015.

Taiwan warmly welcomes young visitors. Apply for a Youth Travel Card on arrival to unlock savings across the country and fully experience Taiwanese culture, cuisine, and adventure as a youth traveler.

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