Jieyang City lies in eastern Guangdong along the midstream of the Rong River plain. Bordering Chaozhou to the northeast, Shantou to the southeast, and Meizhou to the north, Jieyang faces the South China Sea in the south.

With 5,240 square km of land and 7,689 square km of sea area, Jieyang boasts 82 km of coastline and over 30 offshore islands. Three major river systems, the Rong, Long, and Lian Rivers, flow through the area.

As the birthplace of Teochew culture and an ancient eastern Guangdong town, Jieyang is a provincial historic city and renowned overseas Chinese hometown. Over 3.2 million overseas Teochews worldwide and 1.8 million returned Teochews call Jieyang their ancestral home.

From verdant Rongjiang farmlands to coastal wetlands, Jieyang's diverse topography supports a variety of microclimates. Discover beautiful Jieyang, where culture and nature intertwine.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons, spring and autumn are the best.

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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