With a long history rivaling Guangzhou's, Yangjiang lies nestled between mountains and sea. The Tianlu Mountains rise northeast while Yunwu Mountains stand northwest, framing the picturesque natural scenery.

Enjoy emerald beaches and silver sands along the coast. Marvel at sheer peaks and emerald waves inland. Recharge in hot spring waterfalls and forest parks like Jinyinshan. Top attractions include Mawei Island, Dongfang Silver Beach, Beiluowan Scenic Area, Zhenzhu Bay, Yuyao Lake, and Jinyinshan Forest Park.

Yangjiang is a haven for hiking and watersports. Scale forested mountains, dive into crystal waters, and soak in thermals springs - a perfect destination for thrillseekers and nature lovers alike!

Best Travel Time

October to March of the following year

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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