Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, is located in central China. Its name comes from the convergence of the Chaohu and Shixi rivers. With over 2,000 years of history, Hefei is known as the "home of the Three Kingdoms and Judge Bao." It was the administrative center of Luzhou in the Sui, Tang, Ming and Qing dynasties, also called Luzhou and Luoyang.

Beyond its reputation as an ordinary city, Hefei offers tranquility amid the hustle and bustle. Wander flower gardens, busy markets, and crowded food stalls to find elders playing games, women chatting, and children at play - scenes of warmth rarely found in busy metropolises.

Luoyang District is Hefei's old quarter with sights like Li Hongzhang's Former Residence and Xiaoyaojin Park, plus shopping at Chenghuang Temple and Huaihe Road. Baogang District has the famous Bao Park and popular Wanda Plaza. Yaohai District is a new area with attractions like Liuming Zhuang's Former Residence and Yaohai Park. Shushan is the economic zone with natural sights like Huiyuan, Mingzhu Square, Shushan Forest Park, the Wild Animal Park, and Tian'e Lake.

In short, Hefei boasts history, culture, commerce and natural beauty worthy of exploration. Look beyond its small city image to appreciate the rich heritage and relaxed lifestyle.

Consumption level

Hefei's cost of living ranks mid-high among other provincial capitals in China. Prices are not the lowest but travel here can fit smaller budgets. By avoiding holidays, travelers can find hotel rooms for 100-200RMB per night. Meals cost around 50RMB per person which is enough to eat your fill. Aside from specialty souvenirs, daily expenses run 200-300RMB for most.

To maximize your funds, opt for mid-range hotels and eat at humble local eateries. Use public transit to access top sites like Swan Lake Park and the Lord Bao Memorial Temple for under 50RMB entry fees. Focus spending on one or two highlights per day rather than trying to see everything. With proper planning, Hefei offers visitors a blend of natural beauty, history, and modern city vibes for a reasonable daily price. Enjoy the gardens, architecture and shopping without overspending.

Best Travel Time

In spring and autumn. In spring, the Xinghua Park and Niujiao Dawu Scenic Area are bustling with colorful clusters of bees flying and butterflies dancing. Visitors can take outings, admire flowers, and take photos here as a souvenir; In the autumn with light clouds and gentle winds, Zipeng Mountain and Dashushan Forest Park in the suburbs are good places to climb high and overlook. Of course, wandering in the ancient town of Sanhe, boating on Chaohu and Daishan lakes, experiencing cultural customs, and enjoying the beautiful scenery are also good choices.

Medical treatment

Here is a suggested paragraph about medical care in Hefei, China for an English travel website:Medical Care in HefeiHefei has a comprehensive range of medical facilities, including top tier 3A hospitals, to meet healthcare needs:1. Anhui Medical University First Affiliated Hospital - 218 Jixi Rd, Shushan District (near Changjiang West Rd), 0551-62922114. Take buses 1, 119, 126, 133, 148, 162, 166, 501, 701, 705 East Line, 705 West Line, 901 and get off at Anyi Fuyuan station, 300m walk. 2. Anhui Provincial Hospital - 17 Lujiang Rd, Luyang District (near Shangzhidu), 0551-62283114. Take buses 19 and 512 directly there.3. Anhui Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital - 117 Meishan Rd, 0551-62838701. Take buses 51 and 125 directly there. 4. Hefei First People's Hospital - 390 Huaihe Rd, 0551-62183114. Take buses 120, 131 and 138, get off at Shouchun Rd station, 200m walkTyping…

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