Changchun, capital of Jilin Province, is China's largest automobile industry base, an international film city, and home to FAW Group and Changchun Film Group. Known as "Oriental Detroit", "Oriental Hollywood", and "Oriental Los Angeles", Changchun is the birthplace of China's auto, film, optics, pharmaceutical, and railway industries.

With a deep modern urban cultural heritage and numerous "pseudo-Manchu" architectural sites, Changchun is one of China's top four garden cities. Situated on the Yitong River terrace where the eastern mountains transition to the western plains, Changchun has higher terrain in the east and lower in the west.

The cityscape comprises terraces and plains. Changchun administers 6 districts, 3 county-level cities, and 1 county (Nanguan, Chaoyang, Kuancheng, Erdao, Luyuan, Shuangyang, Jiutai, Yushu, Dehui, and Nong'an).

Changchun Jingyuetan Ice and Snow Tourism Festival, China

Experience the Changchun Jingyue Lake Ice and Snow Tourism Festival

The Changchun Jingyue Lake Ice and Snow Tourism Festival was founded in 2001. It features grand events centered around five sections - ice and snow tourism, ice and snow sports, ice and snow business, ice and snow culture, and ice and snow art.

Location: Jingyue Lake Ice and Snow Amusement Park
Time: Around January each year

Slide down icy slopes and glide across frozen lakes at China's celebrated snow festival. Watch breathlessly as expert skiers perform daring aerials. Zip across the landscape on tracked snowmobiles. Sample warming foods like hot pot and barbecue. As fireworks crackle over snow-covered pagodas, stroll through exquisite ice sculptures glittering in the night. With plenty of wintery thrills, Changchun's wonderland of ice and snow dazzles kids and adults alike.

Changchun Film Festival, China

Experience the Changchun Film Festival

Held every two years, the main activities of the Changchun Film Festival focus on film awards, trading, and screenings. It also features large-scale variety shows and has developed into a grand event integrating film, culture, business, technology, and tourism.

Location: Changchun Film City

Rub shoulders with China's biggest stars at this prestigious cinematic event. Attend glamorous ceremonies honoring standout domestic and international movies. Discuss emerging trends with leading directors and critics. Browse exhibits of props, costumes and tech used in recent blockbusters. After the theater lights dim, dance the night away at star-studded gala extravaganzas. Showcasing the best of Chinese cinema, Changchun's festival is a must for film buffs.

Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition, China

Experience the Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition

The Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition is held every two years. Since 1997, Changchun has successfully held eight sculpture exhibitions. Each exhibition carries the theme of "Friendship, Peace, Spring", leaving over a thousand sculpture artworks created by more than 300 sculptors from 200 countries in Changchun.

Location: Changchun World Sculpture Park
Time: Mid-July

Marvel at monumental masterpieces from around the globe at this world-class sculpture show. Wander tree-lined paths past imaginative designs carved from stone, metal, ice and more. Hear artists discuss sources of inspiration while chiseling new works on-site. Snap selfies with quirky sculptures like giant pandas and mythical beasts. As the sun sets, watch art installations light up the night with interactive displays. Celebrating global friendship through art, Changchun's sculpture exhibition amazes year after year.

Best Travel Time

Changchun has four distinct seasons, with windy spring, hot summer, and sunny and warm autumn weather, resulting in a significant temperature difference. Winter is cold, with the hottest month being July, with an average temperature of 23 ℃. Spring and autumn are generally the best tourist seasons in Changchun.


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Here is a suggested paragraph about internet access in Changchun for an English travel website:Getting Online in ChangchunMost hotels and cafes in Changchun offer Wi-Fi for travelers needing internet access. Major hotel chains provide free Wi-Fi in rooms and public spaces. Local cafes and coffee shops also tend to have free Wi-Fi available.Typing…

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Safety considerations

When at crowded places like train stations, bus terminals, and metro stations, keep a close eye on your belongings to prevent theft. Areas with high tourist traffic like Tiananmen Square also attract scammers, so tourists should be wary of unlicensed guides demanding money upfront. Avoid handing over any cash to solicitations on the street. Use registered taxi companies like the red Beijing taxis whenever possible. Keep valuables secured and hidden, avoid carrying large amounts of cash, and be alert in public transportation hubs and tourist sites. When needing assistance, go to authorized help points like the Beijing Tourist Information booths rather than individuals roaming the streets. Beijing is a generally safe city if simple precautions are taken. Report any incidents or suspicious activities immediately to the nearest police officer. They can also provide directions and other help. Enjoy sightseeing, but remain aware of the surroundings.

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