Liaoyuan City, located in southern Jilin Province, sits at the headwaters of the Dongliao and HuiFA Rivers where the Changbai Mountains transition to the Songnen Plain. Named after its position near the source of the Dongliao River, Liaoyuan was an imperial hunting ground during the Qing Dynasty.

Rich in tourist attractions, Liaoyuan is known as the "Pearl on the Dongliao Riverbank". Key sites include Fushou Palace and its Kuixing Tower, Xiangyangshan Forest Park, Longshan Park, Interlaken Paradise Valley, Yuluhu Red Maple Ridge, Julongtan National Water Conservancy Scenic Area, Jiangcheng Botanical Garden, Liaoyuan Miners’ Cemetery, Hancengding National Forest Park, and Zhalanfen Ethnic Cultural Park Studios.

With enchanting natural scenery and fascinating cultural heritage from imperial hunts to modern mining, Liaoyuan promises a scenic and historic travel experience.

Best Travel Time

Best in Summer and Autumn

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Semi humid temperate continental monsoon climate

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