Songyuan, located in west-central Jilin Province, sits in the southern end of the Songnen Plain on the beautiful Songhua River. Neighboring Changchun and Siping to the south, it borders Baicheng and Inner Mongolia's Tongliao to the west, overlooking Heilongjiang across the river to the north.

Known as one of the "Four Little Dragons of Northern China's Economic Growth" along with Baotou, Hohhot and Ordos, Songyuan is hailed as the "Granary, Sea of Woods, Meat Storehouse, and Hometown of Fish". Major crops include corn, soybeans, rice, sorghum, sunflowers, peanuts, tobacco, garlic and medicinal herbs. With over 4 million tons of corn produced annually, Songyuan ranks first in per capita grain output in Jilin.

Attractions like Chagan Lake and Longhua Temple exemplify the harmonious fusion of natural abundance and cultural heritage that makes Songyuan a rising eco-cultural tourist destination.

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Two days

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Central temperate continental monsoon climate

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