Located at the foot of the magnificent Changbai Mountains, Baishan serves as a gateway city for Changbai Mountain tourism. It is also home to the martyrdom site of General Yang Jingyu.

Blessed with fertile soil and abundant forests, Baishan produces ginseng, mink pelts, deer antlers, and other specialties. Scenic attractions include Changbai Mountain Yalu River Grand Canyon, Lинjiang Huashan Hot Spring Resort, Fusong Lushuihe Hunting Ground, Changbai Mountain Hot Spring Resort, Taiping Lake Scenic Area, Wangtiane Gorge in Changbai County, Weishahe Holiday Resort, and Changbai Mountain Labyrinth.

With enchanting natural landscapes from misty hot springs and deep canyons to thick forests and clear lakes, Baishan offers the ideal base to explore the beauty and adventure of Changbai Mountain. The heroic legacy of General Yang also imbues Baishan with profound historical significance.

Best Travel Time

July September

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Temperate continental monsoon climate

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