Nestled in southeastern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Yulin serves as Guangxi's largest and most renowned hometown for overseas Chinese. Named an Excellent Tourist City of China, Yulin lures with renowned sites like Zhenwu Pavilion, one of China’s Four Great Towers, and Ghost Gate Pass, one of the Four Great Passes.

Over 120 attractions dot the landscape, including Yuntian Cultural City, Daryong Mountain Forest Park, Xielu Mountain Villa, and Douyao Mountain. Nicknamed "Jade Beauty of Lingnan" for its splendid scenery, highlights include rice terraces cascading like emerald steps, minority villages peeking through bamboo groves, mist-shrouded peaks perfect for hiking, and vibrant town squares steeped in history.

From spicy cuisine and teeming markets to serene temples and breathtaking vistas, Yulin offers a rich blend of culture and nature for all who wander through this mountainous border region. Discover Yulin's scenic allure and overseas Chinese heritage.

Best Travel Time

Best in Summer and Autumn

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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