Nestled on the northeast coast of the Gulf of Tonkin in southern Guangxi, Beihai is romantically embraced by seas on three sides. Two islands, Weizhou and Xieyang, dot the horizon just miles offshore. With balmy climate and picturesque seascape, Beihai leaves lasting impressions of sunshine, sandy beaches, and shimmering blue waters. 

The legendary Silver Beach, hailed as the "Number One Beach in the World", stretches over 7 miles with its velvety soft sand. Misty Weizhou Island, named "China's Most Beautiful Island", beckons with its blissful isolation. Especially renowned is Weizhou, whose dreamy scenery and rustic charms make it Guangxi's hottest travel destination.

Must-see attractions include Silver Beach's trademark long and flat expanse, fine quartz sand, clean waters and soft waves; century-old Old Street lined with Western-Chinese architecture; volcanic Weizhou Island with dramatic cliffs and secluded grottos; downtown's Beibu Gulf Square transport hub; and Overseas Chinese Town's Vietnamese flair.

From serene islands to bustling downtown, Beihai tempts with tropical allure. Sink your toes into soft sand, sail to hidden coves, and soak up this seaside city's laid-back vibes.

Consumption level

Outside of peak summer and holiday seasons, two people can comfortably tour Beihai for 5 days on about 1000RMB, covering basic costs. To visit the popular Weizhou Island, budget 3000RMB for a pleasant stay, with higher expenses for seafood, ferry tickets, and island fees.

To maximize your budget in Beihai, opt for affordable hotels conveniently located near top attractions like the Beihai Silver Beach and Qixingyan Scenic Area. Use public buses, walking, or taxis to get around for just a few RMB. Enjoy fresh affordable seafood like oysters, prawns, and crab.

By choosing budget mainland hotels, getting around via public transit, and sampling reasonably priced seafood, travelers can immerse themselves in Beihai's seaside appeal without overspending. With good planning, you can experience Beihai's highlights for around 150-200RMB per person per day, while adding Weizhou Island brings costs to around 600RMB daily per person.

Coastal free riding

Explore Beihai’s coastlines on a breezy bicycle adventure. Meander down Old Street’s century-old arcades, admiring traditional shopfronts framed by blooming crape myrtles. Stop for a crispy shrimp pancake, savoring this coastal snack. Then head toward the sea, riding past verdant mangrove forests and grassy dunes. Feel the salty air energize your limbs as you pedal along. Make your way up Guantou Ridge, where panoramas of the South China Sea reward your uphill efforts. Finally, arrive at the peak, where the vast expanse of blue fills you with a sense of freedom and lightness. As the ocean views smooth life's worries away, enjoy this liberating escape along Beihai’s shores. With gentle sea breezes propelling you forward, a bicycle is the perfect vehicle for an easy-going coastal tour from beach to mountainside.

Best Travel Time

The average annual temperature of the seawater in Beihai is relatively high, and swimming can be done in spring, summer, and autumn. April to November is the best time for tourism in Beihai. During this period, there is ample sunshine and warm seawater, making the Silver Beach a place for countless tourists and endless fun. Weizhou Island is the best time to enjoy sunrise, sea views, and visit the island. Before traveling, pay attention to whether there is typhoon weather.

Self driving

Beihai has a well-developed highway network with convenient road connections. Some major highways intersecting Beihai include:

- G209 (Hubei Line)
- G325 (Guangnan Line)
- Beihai to Tieshan Port
- Nanning to Beihai
- Guilin to Beihai via Nanning
- Beihai to Chongqing 
- Beihai to Zhanjiang

The driving time from Beihai to Nanning is around 2-3 hours for 206km. Beihai to Guilin is around 7 hours for 630km.

The Beihai-Zhanjiang Expressway connects to eastern China's expressway network. It's just over 1.5 hours or 160km from Beihai to Zhanjiang. From there, Zhanjiang to Haikou is 160km, to Guangzhou is 459km, and to Shenzhen/Hong Kong is about 500km or a 5 hour drive.

The extensive highways make self-driving in Beihai a great option. You can easily rent a car and head out to surrounding attractions and cities. Just be sure to plan your route ahead of time and account for rest stops. With the freedom of a rental car, you can discover Beihai's beautiful coastal scenery at your own pace.

Medical treatment

Here is some helpful information about medical facilities in Beihai, China for an English travel website:Medical Care in BeihaiThere are many hospitals located near Beibu Gulf Square in downtown Beihai. Some major medical facilities close to the city center include:- Beihai Overseas Chinese Hospital - Beihai Second People's HospitalThese reputable hospitals have English-speaking staff available to assist foreign visitors. Many pharmacies in Beihai's downtown also carry common over-the-counter medications. Be sure to travel with proper health insurance and medical documentation to facilitate treatment if required during your stay. Beihai provides high-quality healthcare options and convenient medical access for travelers located near the main city square and downtown area.With reliable hospitals and pharmacies available nearby, visitors can feel at ease obtaining necessary medical care while exploring Beihai. Just be prepared with the proper paperwork if you require any treatment for illness or injury.

Safety considerations

Here are some important safety tips for travelers to Beihai:

1. Avoid wandering alone late at night, as some areas can be deserted during non-peak seasons.

2. Refrain from camping overnight on beaches, to avoid theft and other risks when traveling solo or during low seasons.

3. Check for seafood allergies beforehand and avoid mixing fruits like pineapple and coconut with seafood, which can cause reactions.

4. Only book tours through reputable agencies with proper contracts. Avoid flyers from street peddlers. Verify legitimacy with tourism bureaus if uncertain.

5. Report any scams to local tourism or commerce authorities to potentially recover losses. Don't blame yourself if duped.

6. Taxis and pedicabs offer convenient transport in Beihai, but some drivers collaborate with dishonest seafood shops to overcharge tourists. Avoid "free ride" offers taking you to cheap roadside seafood stalls, which then grossly overcharge, sometimes by thousands of yuan. Exercise caution when riding taxis and pedicabs in Beihai.

Staying vigilant, using common sense, and reporting problems will keep you safe so you can fully enjoy Beihai's coastal beauty.

Emergency call

Here are some important emergency contact numbers for Beihai, China to include on an English travel website:Emergency Contacts in BeihaiIf you need to file a tourism complaint or concern, contact the Beihai Tourism Bureau at 0779-3060140.For issues with business fraud or scams, call the Beihai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau at 0779-12315.Keep these key phone numbers handy when visiting Beihai. Getting help is just a quick call away.If faced with an emergency situation, remain calm and call the proper authorities. Be prepared to explain the details slowly and clearly. Carry a phrasebook or translator app if language assistance is needed. Following basic safety precautions and knowing who to contact if problems arise will help ensure a safe and enjoyable visit to Beihai. Don't hesitate to reach out for assistance during your stay.


When traveling to beaches in Beihai, packing sun protection is essential. Bring high SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, shirts, sandals, and masks to prevent sun damage.

Regarding electricity, Liuheng Island's outlets are the standard two or three prong types, but many modern device chargers have European plugs. If traveling with smartphones, cameras, or other gadgets, bring plug adapters since European-to-Chinese converters are unavailable on the island. A universal adapter kit prepares you for charging from Liuheng's wall outlets.

With sun defense and power adaptors, you’re ready to enjoy Liuheng Island’s scenic shores and partake in water activities without safety worries. Proper beach gear and chargers make your Beihai coastal vacation convenient and carefree!

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