Situated in eastern Guangxi at the junction of Hunan, Guangdong, and Guangxi provinces, Hezhou has historically served as a regional hub. Today, the city administers the districts of Babu and Pinggui as well as the counties of Zhongshan, Fuchuan, and Zhaoping. Like much of Guangxi, Hezhou boasts picturesque scenery, amiable people, and vibrant minority culture.

The annual Panwang Festival held on the 16th day of the 10th lunar month draws thousands to celebrate the harvest and Yao culture with singing and dancing. Hezhou's strategic location between ancient trade routes nurtured a distinct cultural heritage evident in sites like the exquisitely preserved Ming and Qing dynasty architecture of Huangyao Ancient Town. More than a dozen national and regional heritage sites enrich the landscape.

Flowing through town, the meandering Yao River adds serenity. And convenient high-speed rail connects Hezhou to the rest of China through the modern hub of Babu District. From ancient villages to harvest festivals, Hezhou offers a window into Guangxi's ethnic diversity.

Best Travel Time

April May, September November. You can climb the Gupo Mountain to admire flowers, go to the Shibashui and Ziyun Cave to escape the heat and observe the waterfall, and quietly indulge your soul in the ancient town of Huangyao.

Dressing Guidelines


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Self driving

Beihai has a well-developed highway network with convenient road connections. Some major highways intersecting Beihai include:

- G209 (Hubei Line)
- G325 (Guangnan Line)
- Beihai to Tieshan Port
- Nanning to Beihai
- Guilin to Beihai via Nanning
- Beihai to Chongqing 
- Beihai to Zhanjiang

The driving time from Beihai to Nanning is around 2-3 hours for 206km. Beihai to Guilin is around 7 hours for 630km.

The Beihai-Zhanjiang Expressway connects to eastern China's expressway network. It's just over 1.5 hours or 160km from Beihai to Zhanjiang. From there, Zhanjiang to Haikou is 160km, to Guangzhou is 459km, and to Shenzhen/Hong Kong is about 500km or a 5 hour drive.

The extensive highways make self-driving in Beihai a great option. You can easily rent a car and head out to surrounding attractions and cities. Just be sure to plan your route ahead of time and account for rest stops. With the freedom of a rental car, you can discover Beihai's beautiful coastal scenery at your own pace.

Medical treatment

Here is some helpful information about medical facilities in Hezhou, China for an English travel website:Medical Care in Hezhou Hezhou has several hospitals near the city center. Two major options are Hezhou People's Hospital and Hezhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, both classified as Tier 2 Grade A general hospitals.Hezhou People's Hospital is located at 116 Xiyue Street, Babu District. Call 0774-5278120 for emergency services or 0774-5282358 to reach the administration office. To get there, take bus 6 or 7 and get off at Hezhou College East Campus, then walk 300 meters.Both hospitals have staff who can provide assistance in English. Be sure to travel with proper medical insurance and documentation in case you require treatment during your stay in Hezhou.

Safety considerations

Hezhou has average public security, so tourists should take safety precautions. Be alert in crowded areas to guard against pickpocketing. Avoid going alone to remote places. When using ATMs, be aware of being followed or watched.

To fully yet safely experience Hezhou's scenery, lodge in secure hotels rather than isolated or questionable areas. Ask local guides to provide companionship and steer clear of high-crime neighborhoods. Only take registered taxis and research attractions in advance. 

Avoid carrying large amounts of cash or wearing flashy jewelry to not attract thieves. Keep valuables secured in hotel safes. With vigilance and common sense, Hezhou can be enjoyed with peace of mind. Stay alert, travel in groups, and take basic precautions for a rewarding and hassle-free Hezhou vacation.

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