Yichang, the third largest city in Hubei Province, sits at the intersection of the upper and middle reaches of the Yangtze River and is home to the Three Gorges Dam. Abundant in tourism resources, Yichang boasts stunning dam views, Three Travels Cave, White Horse Immortal Trail, Dongshan paintings, Peach Blossom Village, Children’s Park, Riverside Gallery, nighttime cityscapes, Yichang Natural Tower, and Zhenjiang Pavilion.

The spectacular Bai Guo Shu Waterfall thunders down majestically like a rainbow. At Lover's Spring, graceful stalactites embrace like sweethearts. The scenic beauty of Wang Zhaojun's hometown remains timelessly alluring.

Nourished by the river and immersed in Ba-Chu culture, Yichang exudes a charming magnetism along the banks of the Yangtze. Let the sublime landscapes and flowing waters captivate your spirit when you visit this riverside wonder.

Best Travel Time

Spring Best

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon humid climate

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