Xiaogan, located north of the Yangtze River and east of the Han River in northeastern Hubei Province, borders Wuhan to the south, Henan's Xinyang to the north, and connects with Suizhou, Jingmen, Tianmen, Xiantao, etc. to the west and Huanggang to the east. Xiaogan got its name from the filial piety of Dong Yong, who moved heaven and earth when he sold himself to bury his father during the Eastern Han dynasty. It is the only prefecture-level city in China named after filial piety.

Xiaogan has a long history and is one of the birthplaces of Chu culture, with enduring traditions of filial piety. During the revolution, it was a forward base for the Northern Expedition Army. The county of Dawu within Xiaogan was one of the "Ten Counties of the Ten Marshals".

Numerous historical and cultural sites dot Xiaogan, making it abundant in tourism resources. Top attractions include Dong Yong Park, Shuangfengshan Scenic Area, Guanyin Lake Ecotourism Zone, Chenghuang Temple Site, Chu King City Site, Han Chuan Ancient Lake Tourism Area.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for spring and autumn

Suggested playing days

2-5 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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