Huangshi is known as the "Hometown of Bronze", "Cradle of Steel", "Native Place of Cement", and "New City of Fashion". Located in southeastern Hubei province along the south bank of the middle Yangtze River, it enjoys superior geographical location and beautiful natural scenery, with delightful views everywhere.

Major attractions include Cihhu Scenic Area, Dongfang Mountain Scenic Area, Xiandao Lake Scenic Area, Leishan Scenic Area - four provincial scenic spots. There are also 8 eco-tourism zones, 1 national famous historical and cultural town, 3 provincial forest parks, and numerous famous historic sites and ruins. To fully experience Huangshi, it's best to stay a few days.

With lush peaks, glassy lakes, gushing waterfalls, ancient temples, relics of ages past, and sites pivotal to China's industrial development, Huangshi offers a comprehensive itinerary integrating natural splendor and profound history.

Best Travel Time

Best May October

Suggested playing days

2-3 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

Huangshi Surrounding Cities

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