Shuangyashan is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Heilongjiang Province, located in the eastern part of the province. It gets its name from two duck-shaped mountains in the northeast of the city. As a vital national coal mining base with the largest coal reserves in Heilongjiang, Shuangyashan is an important energy source.

With a sound ecological environment and abundant tourism resources, Shuangyashan is home to renowned national scenic spots as well as one of China's most important wetland reserves. The 170,000 hectares of wetlands formed by the Naoer River, including Qiuxing River, Changlin Island and Yanwo Island, represent the most intact, representative and primitive wetlands in the Sanjiang Plain.

Other attractions include Beixiu Park, Qingshan National Forest Park, Zhenbao Island and Dongxing Wetland National Forest Park. The harmony of rich coal culture, beautiful ecology and colorful tourism resources makes Shuangyashan a unique travel destination.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for spring and autumn

Suggested playing days

1-2 days

Local climate

Temperate monsoon climate

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