Jixi is a prefecture-level city under the administration of Heilongjiang Province, located in the southeast of the province at the southern end of the Sanjiang Plain. It is a resource-based city focused on coal mining, with additional industries like machinery, electricity, chemicals and building materials.

Covering an area of 2.3 million square km, of which the urban district covers 2,234 square km, Jixi's terrain consists mainly of mountains, hills and plains, characterized by the landscape of "five mountains, one river, four divisions of farmland". It currently administers 6 districts - Jiguan, Chengzihe, Hengshan, Didao, Mashan and Lishu, and 3 counties (cities) - Mishan, Hulin and Jidong.

With a solid industrial foundation coupled with abundant natural resources, Jixi is an important energy, raw materials and heavy industry base in Heilongjiang Province and greater Northeast China.

Best Travel Time

Summer Best

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1 day

Local climate

Central temperate continental monsoon climate

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