Daqing is dotted with scenic spots, forming several popular tourist routes. Zhalong Nature Reserve features incredible wetland landscapes and wildlife watching. Experience ethnic culture first-hand through grassland horse racing and waterfowl hunting in eco-villages.

Thanks to abundant geothermal resources in Lindian County, tourists can enjoy ice appreciation in Harbin, skiing in Yabuli and hot spring baths in Daqing. Attractions like the White Gold Pagoda Ruins, Daqing Mountain Ruins and Longhuitai reflect Daqing's cultural heritage.

Nature lovers will appreciate the lotus-filled Lianhua Lake, vast Duolbutu Grassland, Jiulong Tourist Area, Atamu Resort and Songlin Park showcasing Daqing's idyllic scenery.

With a unique blend of wetland ecology, ethnic folklore, cultural relics and natural beauty, Daqing offers diverse travel experiences for all interests.

Best Travel Time

Best in Winter and Summer

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Central temperate continental monsoon climate

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