Located in northwestern Heilongjiang Province at the northern foothills of the Lesser Xing'an Mountains, Heihe was among the first batch of border cities opened up in China. As an important northern border trade center and bridge between China and Russia, Heihe is known as the "Pearl of the North" and "Window to Eurasia".

Abundantly endowed with natural resources, Heihe sprawls across vast lands of stunning scenery. Highlights include the renowned Wudalianchi volcanic cluster and the Lesser Xing'an Mountains.

With frontier excitements, proximity to Russia, and breathtaking natural attractions from volcanoes to forests, Heihe's unique location makes it a shining pearl in northern China that connects Eastern and Western cultures.

Best Travel Time

Best in Summer and Winter

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Cold temperate continental monsoon climate