Nanyang lies in southwestern Henan Province, at the junction of Henan, Hubei, and Shaanxi Provinces. Surrounded by mountains on three sides with an opening to the south, it is situated north of the Han River and south of Mount Funiu, hence its name. Nanyang is also known as "Southern Capital" and "Hometown of the Emperors".

Historically, Nanyang was one of the origins of the ancient Silk Road. It possesses richly characteristic local customs, colorful art, delicious cuisine, and abundant special local products.

Famous attractions include Mount Wolong, Shuilian Cave, Taibai Peak, Neixiang Baotianman, and the Xi Gorge Dinosaur Relic Site. With its unique culture and scenic beauty, Nanyang is an excellent destination for leisure and vacation.

Best Travel Time

Best in Spring and Autumn

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Monsoon continental semi humid climate

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