Puyang lies in northeastern Henan Province at the junction of Jilu and Yu provinces. Historically known as Diqiu, Puyang is a major cradle of ancient Chinese civilization.

Puyang has a long history and prosperous culture. Puyang DaJue Temple is the only millennium-old Buddhist temple in Puyang. The ruins of the Qi State city from the Spring and Autumn period still remain. The "Xuetang Gang Temple" is the site where Confucius taught.

There are over 200 cultural relics and historic sites. In addition, the 6,400 year old clam dragon, deemed "China's First Dragon" by archaeologists, was unearthed in Puyang. Thus Puyang is known as the "Hometown of Chinese Dragons".

Puyang represents the convergence of history, culture, and artifacts in northeastern Henan. Visitors can trace the origins of Chinese civilization while admiring the ancient relics.

Best Travel Time

spring and autumn

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Temperate monsoon climate

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