Luohe City is a provincial-level city located in southern Henan Province, China. It is nestled in the intersection of the Funiushan Plain and the North Henan Plain. This ancient city has a rich history dating back to the Neolithic Age, when its ancestors first settled. Its former reputation as a thriving center of commerce and transportation earned it the nickname "land and water transportation hub" in the Central Plains.

Home to a wealth of cultural heritage, Luohe boasts over 190 historical sites, including the Jiahuai Neolithic Remains, the Jade Pagoda at the Biansi, the Xiaoshan Bridge, the "Three Perfections" Memorial, the Shoushan Platform, and the Xushen Grave. Each of these landmarks tells a captivating story of the city's rich history and profound culture.

Nature lovers will find their paradise in Luohe, with its three branches of the Huaihe River system—the Shihe River and Li River—flowing through the city. These rare water features in the northern region add to the city's unique charm as a water and forest city.

With its historical charm and natural beauty, Luohe City is an ideal destination for travelers seeking an authentic Chinese experience. Discover the city's time-honored traditions, take a stroll along its picturesque riversides, or explore its lush forests to immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or simply want to immerse yourself in Chinese culture, Luohe City has something to offer everyone.

Best Travel Time

Autumn Best

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Warm and humid monsoon climate

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