Liuzhou, known as “Dragon City”, lies in north-central Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Its terrain resembles a “pot” as three rivers converge around the city. Humans inhabited Liuzhou as early as 50,000 years ago. With over 2,100 years of history since establishment, Liuzhou is characterized by picturesque karst landforms.

Limestone mountains rise dramatically from the landscape. Caverns boast fantastical rock formations and stalactites. Emerald pools and rivers meander through the area. Liuzhou is endowed with splendid natural scenery and rich cultural heritage as a national top-tier tourist city and famous historic city.

Marvel at iconic sights like Liujiang Bridge, Rongxi Mountain, and Liuzhou Forest Park. Cruise down the winding Liu River flanked by peaks. Explore Longtan National Park’s caves and forests. From historic architecture to ethnic customs, Liuzhou offers wondrous adventures. Follow the dragon’s footsteps and uncover this city’s captivating charm.

Best Travel Time

Best May October

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Mid subtropical monsoon climate

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