Nestled in southwestern Guangxi province along the Vietnamese border, Chongzuo anchors the strategic junction of South China, Southwest China, and ASEAN economic circles. With the longest stretch of any Guangxi prefecture bordering Vietnam, Chongzuo has long served as a Zhuang minority stronghold, still 80% Zhuang today. 

Boasting ancient geology and diverse topography dominated by karst landforms, Chongzuo is gifted with superb natural scenery. Highlights include Detian Transnational Falls, counted among China's most beautiful waterfalls; the naturally sculpted bonsai-like Chongzuo Stone Forest; one of the world's eight great tilted towers, Chongzuo's Guilong Inclined Pagoda; and Friendship Pass, a historically renowned mountain pass.

From thundering waterfalls to precariously tilted pagodas, Chongzuo captivates with both scenic splendor and vibrant cross-border culture. Discover why this border gateway has been a strategic crossroads for centuries.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for spring and autumn

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical humid monsoon climate

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