Situated in central Guangxi, Laibin serves as the regional hub known locally as “Central Guangxi.” Nicknamed “Guangxi’s Coal Capital,” “China’s Sugar Capital,” and “Global Home of the Yao People,” Laibin is strategically positioned with abundant resources.

In addition to its vital economic and transportation role, Laibin tempts travelers with diverse attractions. Xincheng County showcases Asia’s largest and best preserved traditional chief’s compound, likened to a “Hometown Forbidden City” of the Zhuang people. Xiangzhou County boasts Hua Chi, hailed as “Central South China’s #1 Hot Spring.” Outdoor enthusiasts also love hiking holy Mount Songshan and the lotus-dotted peaks of Lianhua Mountain. 

From imposing minority architecture to soothing thermal baths and scenic summits, Laibin offers a blend of culture, wellness, and nature. Experience the heart of Guangxi’s fascinating heritage and hospitality in this regional hub.

Best Travel Time

Suitable all year round

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate

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