Zaozhuang boasts 7,300 years of ancestral culture, 4,300 years of walled town culture, and 2,700 years of Grand Canal culture. Surrounded by rolling mountains with abundant water resources, Zaozhuang lies on the golden tourism route of “One Mountain, One River, Two Hans, Three Kongs”, making it a vibrant emerging destination.

Blending northern boldness with Jiangnan water town grace, Zaozhuang is fittingly called “Jiangbei Water Town, Ancient Canal City”, earning the moniker “Bright Pearl of Southern Shandong”.

The Railway Guerilla Brigade Memorial Park and Tai’erzhuang Battle Memorial Site, part of China’s Top 100 Red Tourism Sites, attract travelers interested in communist revolutionary history.

Best Travel Time

Best in late summer

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Warm temperate continental monsoon climate

Zaozhuang Surrounding Cities

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