Blessed with year-round pleasant weather, Taichung is often called the “City of Sunshine.” Nestled on the island yet shielded from typhoons by the Central Mountain Range, it’s considered Taiwan’s most livable city - a harmonious blend of natural and urban beauty.

At the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, marvel at priceless masterpieces. Discover the mysteries of science at the National Museum of Natural Science. Chase the sunset at Gaomei Wetlands. Savor creamy gelato at Miyahara. Wander through the whimsical Rainbow Village and pose with its storybook murals.

Taichung indulges the senses with a laidback charm. Here are top attractions:

1. Taichung Station - A major transportation hub and historical landmark.

2. Tunghai University - Boasting one of Taiwan's biggest and most unique campuses, including the iconic Luce Memorial Chapel.

3. Gaomei Wetlands - Famed for its magical sunsets, though views depend on the weather.

4. Fengjia Night Market - The largest night market in Taichung, satisfying diverse tastes from around the world.

5. Rainbow Village - A wonderland of brightly painted murals where childlike joy comes alive.

With natural wonders, historic sites, university vibes, and mouthwatering cuisine, Taichung offers the quintessential Taiwan experience - beautiful, friendly, and unforgettable.

Consumption level

Most accommodation options in downtown Taichung range from around $60-150 USD per night for a standard room, with some mid-range to upscale hotels going for $150-300 USD and budget hotels and hostels available for under $60 per night. For dining, you can easily fill up for around $8 USD at the Fengjia Night Market. Opting for breakfast shops, specialty restaurants, and other eateries, you can enjoy a satisfying meal for around $8-12 USD per person. Many attractions in Taichung are free to visit. For those that charge admission, it generally ranges from $3-8 USD per person, which is quite reasonable. Transportation and other daily expenses in Taichung are also very affordable compared to other cities. With proper planning, budget travelers can fully experience what Taichung has to offer without breaking the bank.


The official currency in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (TWD or NTD). When traveling to Taichung, having a UnionPay card is very convenient. Most ATMs in Taiwan accept UnionPay and you can withdraw TWD directly using your UnionPay card. UnionPay ATMs can be easily found in convenience stores, post offices, and banks across the city. Some Chinese banks like Huaxia Bank offer UnionPay cards with no overseas withdrawal fees, so check with your bank before your trip. As of September 2015, the exchange rate is approximately 1 TWD = 0.06 CNY = 0.16 USD. With a UnionPay card, you don't have to worry about exchanging currency or carrying large amounts of cash in Taichung.

Yuanxiao (Filled round balls made of glutinous rice-flour for Lantern Festival) in Central Taiwan

Join in the festivities of the Taichung Lantern Festival, one of Taiwan's four major lantern festivals, during the Mid-Autumn Festival each year. This lively event transforms Taichung into a glowing wonderland, with ornate handmade lanterns on display across the city. Marvel at massive themed lanterns representing Taichung's culture and creativity. Wander through fantasy worlds brought to life by imaginative lantern artistry along Zhongxing Road. Enjoy acrobatics, dances, and music at the main stage in Taichung Park. Discover regional lanterns from across Taiwan and international contributions from places like mainland China and Macau. As the full moon rises, appreciate these illuminated masterpieces symbolizing blessings for the year ahead. The Taichung Lantern Festival provides a memorable way to experience Taiwanese culture and community.

Taichung International Cake Festival

Known as Taiwan’s cake capital, Taichung celebrates its sweet specialty each spring with the Taichung Cake Festival. For one week from late March to early April, bakeries across the city offer enticing promotions. Buy-one-get-one deals on decadent treats like pineapple cakes and sun cakes tempt passerby. Lotteries provide chances to win coveted gifts from top bakeries. Live demonstrations showcase master bakers decorating ornate cakes and sculpting adorable pastry characters. Fun hands-on activities like cake pop workshops allow everyone to channel their inner baker. Competitions for amateur and professional confectioners alike push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship. With irresistible aromas wafting through the streets and so many ways to indulge your sweet tooth, Taichung’s Cake Festival is a highlight for pastry lovers.

Taichung Wuling Cherry Blossom Festival

Each spring, the mountainsides of Wuling Farm in Taichung explode in pink as thousands of cherry trees burst into bloom. Most of the 20,000 cherry trees planted across this high-altitude farm are Taiwanese mountain cherries, with their delicate pink petals. Walking under canopies of flowers along the cherry blossom tunnels feels like strolling through a floral rain shower. Less common varieties add pops of white from Yoshino cherries and rich pink from Kanzan cherries. Beyond the cherry blossoms, peach, pear, and apple trees also flower simultaneously across Wuling Farm's lush hills. The refreshing mountain air and breathtaking floral scenery make this a beloved retreat from Taiwan's heat. Time your visit for late February to March to experience one of Taichung's iconic attractions at peak bloom during the Wuling Cherry Blossom Festival.

May 5th Celebration Dragon Boat Festival

Experience the liveliest Dragon Boat Festival celebrations in Taichung along Sanda Road every year on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. At noon sharp, hundreds of people race down the street in traditional wooden clogs, stomping loudly to symbolically chase away evil spirits. This raucous tradition mixes with modern merriment through amusing contests like sedan chair races, spinning top battles, slow bicycling competitions, tug-of-war, sack races, and more. Couples take part in wacky three-legged races while brave husbands give their wives piggyback rides. Beyond the zany festivities, traditional customs like dragon boat races, rice dumpling eating, and ritual offerings honor this important holiday. Take in Chinese folk culture at its finest while enjoying Taiwan's largest Dragon Boat Festival right in the heart of Taichung City.

Taichung New Year's Eve Gala

Ring in the new year with spectacular celebrations at the Taichung New Year's Eve party held annually on December 31st. As night falls, streets transform into a giant pedestrian zone for the massive festivities. Vibrant performances and dazzling light shows entertain the crowds along Jingcheng Road, which is closed to traffic between Dongxing Road and Xinsheng Road. Live music, dance troupes, and amusing contests keep energy high as the midnight hour approaches. Thousands gather in anticipation in front of the main stage erected near Fuxing Road for the highly anticipated countdown to the new year. Screams and cheers erupt when fireworks launch into the sky right at the stroke of midnight, illuminating Taichung's skyline in dazzling color. Join revelers from across Taiwan for Taichung's exciting New Year's Eve blowout!

Best Travel Time

Taichung is a city that truly deserves the name of "spring like all seasons", and is suitable for traveling throughout the year. It is located in the central and western regions of Taiwan, with the coldest January and an average temperature of 16 degrees Celsius. At this time, Taichung does not lack its fun due to winter. You can also wear thin clothes to eat different flavors of ice cream at Miyagi Ophthalmology, or go to Donghai University to lie on the grass and watch the blue sky, white clouds, and golden triangle like Lu Siyi Church; In the hottest July, you can go to the Gaomei Wetland to blow the wind and see the big windmill under the sunset, or go to the Fengjia Night Market to enjoy a bunch of ordinary food on your left and a bag on your right. Although June to September is the typhoon season on Taiwan Island, due to the protection of the Central Mountain Range, Taichung is not greatly affected. Everyone can still play happily!

Dressing Guidelines

Taichung has mild winters from December to March, averaging around 18°C. Pack pants, long sleeves and a medium-weight jacket. Summers from May to October are hot and humid, with temperatures steady around 27°C. June to August sees highs around 32°C. Light pants or shorts with short sleeve shirts work well. Bring a thin extra layer like a jacket or sweater for cool evenings or windy days.

On hot sunny days, don't forget a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Umbrellas help in sudden storms too. Pack clothes that dry quickly if caught in rain. Locals dress casually, so shorts, skirts, t-shirts and sandals are comfortable for exploring Taichung's neighborhoods and markets on foot. Check the forecast to confirm, but packing layers for Taichung's fluctuating conditions ensures you'll stay cool while enjoying all the city has to offer.

Other tips

Taiwan offers Youth Travel Cards specifically for domestic and foreign travelers aged 15-30. The cards provide discounts on attractions, transportation, hotels, dining, and shopping to encourage youth tourism.

- Ages 15-30 with valid ID showing proof of age

Getting a card:
- Free of charge
- Bring passport, entry permit, or other identification
- Complete on-site application at select locations

- Major transit hubs like Taipei Main Station, airports, metro stations
- Tourism centers in Taipei City
- Taipei Youth Volunteer Center

- Cards issued in 2006-2008 remain valid until December 31, 2015.

Taiwan warmly welcomes young visitors. Apply for a Youth Travel Card on arrival to unlock savings across the country and fully experience Taiwanese culture, cuisine, and adventure as a youth traveler.

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