Jinmen County is located in the southeastern coastal waters of Fujian Province, China. It is named "Jinmen" which means "solid as gold soup, a雄伟fortress guards the sea gate". It sits within the Quanzhou Weitou Bay and Xiamen Bay in the southeastern waters of Fujian Province, standing firmly on the western side of the Taiwan Strait, with a distance of only 2,310 meters from the nearest point of mainland China.

Visiting Jinmen is not as simple as buying a ferry ticket and going there. Jinmen is affiliated with Fujian Province, but it is under the administration of Taiwan, which has stationed troops there. Therefore, to visit Jinmen, one must go through exit procedures, and after completing them, hold the "Group List of Mainland Residents Applying to Travel to Jinmen" provided by the travel agency and the "Mainland Resident Travel Permit to and from Taiwan" issued by the Exit and Entry Management Department, to purchase ferry tickets at ports such as Shijing Port in Quanzhou or Wutong Port in Xiamen.

Jinmen is an unique place with a rich cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery. It is famous for its ancient fortifications and historical sites, which attract many visitors every year. In addition, Jinmen's natural environment is also very beautiful. It has many beautiful beaches and scenic spots, which are perfect for relaxation and tourism. Despite its small size, Jinmen's unique historical and cultural background, as well as its beautiful natural scenery, make it a very attractive tourist destination.

Best Travel Time

October is the best travel time to Kinmen, during which it is neither too cold nor too hot, with suitable temperatures and many stores offering discounts.

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