Located in western Heilongjiang Province, Qiqihar is a historic cultural city with a long history and the largest city in northeastern China. Just 32km southeast of the city lies Zhalong Nature Reserve, one of China's most famous wetlands and a habitat for cranes.

Qiqihar is renowned for its delicious cuisine, including Korean style dishes and Qiqihar roasted meat. As locals say, visiting Qiqihar without trying the roasted meat is like not visiting at all!

With magnificent scenery, abundant historical sites, and a perfect blend of natural landscape and human history, Qiqihar's tourism industry is booming. The city has now developed into a beautiful travel destination. From savoring the famous roasted meat to exploring ancient relics and vast wetlands, Qiqihar offers visitors an unforgettable experience.

Best Travel Time

Best in Spring and Summer

Suggested playing days

3 days

Local climate

Central temperate continental monsoon climate

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