Qian nan used to be an important passageway of the Maritime Silk Road in southern China, and a key route connecting Guizhou with Sichuan, Guangxi, Hunan and Yunnan. Merchants gathered here, with smooth flow of goods.

Today, Qian nan has a developed transportation network of aviation, railways, highways and waterways. It has nurtured patriotic warriors like Liaodong patrol Qi Hejia, Shanhai Pass commander Qiu Hejia, revolutionary pioneers like Dai Kan, Huang Qisheng, and Deng Yuming who attended the 1st National Congress of the CCP.

Come explore Qian nan's role in China's history as a strategic hub connecting diverse regions and cultures! Appreciate its stories of commerce and revolution, and how they've shaped this diverse prefecture.

Best Travel Time

Best in Summer and Autumn

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Subtropical humid monsoon climate

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