Zunyi, the second largest city in Guizhou, sits about 2 hours from Guiyang in northern Guizhou. It's an important transportation hub for those venturing into northern Guizhou. The old town lies west of the Xiang River, where most sites related to the Zunyi Conference congregate. East of the river, the bustling city center converges on a tri-intersecting main road.

Zunyi is best known for the pivotal January 1935 Zunyi Conference held by the Communist Party's Central Politburo. Consequently, Zunyi was among the first historical and cultural cities named by the State Council. Beyond its historical significance, Zunyi also boasts abundant natural resources. Redwater Scenic Area and numerous forest parks perfectly integrate natural and cultural heritage.

Moreover, Maotai, the world-famous "National Liquor" of China, hails from Maotai Town northwest of Zunyi. Come discover Zunyi's historic legacy and sublime blending of natural beauty and cultural treasures!

Consumption level

Zunyi offers affordable travel, with average personal costs around 400RMB for a two-day independent trip.

To maximize your budget, stay in mid-range hotels near the city center or train station for 100-150RMB per night. Take buses, metro, or walk to attractions like Red Army Long March Museum and Xiaodongmen for 5-15RMB per ride. Enjoy local Guizhou cuisine with rice noodles, spicy soups, and stir-fries for 25-60RMB per meal.

By mixing some attractions like cultural shows and villages (around 100RMB each) with budget food, lodging, and transportation, you can experience Zunyi's history and culture without breaking the bank. Focus your time and yuan on free parks, affordable eateries, and public transit to make the most of this laidback city in mountainous Guizhou province. With good planning, daily costs average under 300RMB per person.

Zunyi Conference Site

For visitors interested in military history and China's modern era, the Zunyi Conference Site offers an immersive experience. This historic site marks the location where Mao Zedong and other Communist Party leaders converged in 1935 to regroup and chart a new course after the arduous Long March. As power dynamics shifted, the pivotal Zunyi Conference laid the groundwork for Mao's rise and the Communist revolution's eventual triumph. Today, the well-preserved relics provide insight into this fateful turning point. Tour the houses where leaders strategized military maneuvers and political direction. View the desk where drafts were penned and the table where heated discussions unfolded. With insightful exhibitions and guides, walk in the footsteps of giants who altered the nation's destiny. For those intrigued by the military and political battles that shaped modern China, a visit here vividly brings history to life.

Panorama of Zunyi, Red Army Mountain View

In addition to commemorating martyrs, ascending Hongjun Mountain offers sweeping vistas over Zunyi. As you climb, reflect on the Red Army's long, arduous march through these landscapes during the Long March. At the peak, a striking red memorial tower honors those who sacrificed their lives for the communist cause. Gazing out across Zunyi, imagine the strategizing and resolve of leaders who converged here in 1935 to galvanize the revolution. Let the far-reaching views stir you with a sense of the epic journeys, both literal and allegorical, that led to the communist victory. Take in the tapestry of old and new architecture blanketing the city below. Breathe the clean mountain air where heroes once planned the nation's future. Hongjun Mountain lets you pay tribute to the past and admire Zunyi's beauty in one sweeping panorama.

Best Travel Time

Traveling to Zunyi is suitable for all seasons. Like most areas in Guizhou Province, Zunyi has no severe cold in winter and no scorching heat in summer. The annual average temperature is between 13 ℃ and 18 ℃, with abundant rainfall and sufficient sunlight. The warm and humid climate allows tourists to visit Zunyi all year round, and the scenic spots have no special requirements for the season.

Medical treatment

Here is some information on medical care in Zunyi for an English travel website:Medical Care in ZunyiZunyi has a dense network of hospitals, clinics, and community health centers distributed throughout the city.Zunyi No. 1 People's HospitalAddress: 98 Fenghuang Rd, Zunyi Tel: 0852-89233052Zunyi Medical College Affiliated Hospital  Address: 149 Dalian Rd, ZunyiTel: 0852-86234303Zunyi Orthopedic HospitalAddress: Yan'an Rd, ZunyiTel: 0852-8835801; 0852-8838872These reputable hospitals and clinics have experience treating foreign visitors. Be sure to travel with insurance that covers overseas medical emergencies including evacuation.For minor ailments, pharmacy chains can provide over-the-counter medication. Hotel staff can recommend English-speaking doctors that make house calls if necessary.Do not hesitate to seek medical assistance during your stay in Zunyi. Quality care is available to keep you healthy and enjoying your trip!

Safety considerations

Zunyi is home to many ethnic minority groups, so it's important for visitors to respect local beliefs and customs. Also protect the environment and wildlife by not removing plants or disturbing animals. Prevent illness and mosquito bites by taking proper precautions. Follow all instructions from staff and guides at attractions. 

Beyond that, Zunyi is very safe, with violent crime being extremely rare. However, petty theft can occur at crowded sites. Keep valuables secure and be cautious of pickpockets in busy areas. Only take registered taxis and avoid isolated areas at night. As a precaution, report any safety issues to the local tourism police, who provide assistance to foreigners. With proper respect for local culture along with basic safety awareness, Zunyi offers a rewarding and secure travel experience.

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