Lincang lies along the Lancang River, a fertile and beautiful land that 23 ethnic minorities have called home for generations. It is an important gateway from Yunnan to Myanmar and Southeast Asia, known as the "Silk Road of the South".

Lincang enjoys a subtropical, mountainous monsoon climate. The seasons have little temperature variation, with distinct wet and dry periods. Winters are frost-free and summers pleasantly cool. Rainfall is abundant and sunlight plentiful, earning it the nickname "Asia's Constant Temperature City".

The mild climate and picturesque natural scenery draw many tourists annually. Top attractions include Manwan Grand Canyon, Lincang Daxueshan, Guangyun Mengdian Temple, Genma Nanting River, Cangyuan Cliff Paintings, Cangyuan Wendeng Wa Tribal Village, Cangyuan WASHAN, Yunxian Dachaoshan-Ganhaizi, Yongde Daxueshan, Wulao Mountain National Forest Park, and Nangunhe Nature Reserve.

Come experience Lincang's vibrant multi-ethnic culture and sublime landscapes! Hike through virgin forests, cruise the mighty Lancang, and sample unique cuisines as you journey along this historic Silk Road route.

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Subtropical Mountain Monsoon Climate

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