Liaoyang, formerly known as Xiangping or Liaodong City, is located in the central part of Liaoning Province, adjacent to the Liaodong Mountains to the east and facing the Liaohe Plain to the west. Liaoyang is an ancient city with a long history of 2400 years, where six local separatist regimes established their country. Liaoyang has many famous historical and cultural landscapes and scenic spots, mainly including Luowo Reservoir, Liaoyang Museum, Taizihe Scenic Area, Liaoyang Baita Park, Wazigou Ecological Tourism Area, Guangyou Temple, Cao Xueqin Memorial Hall, Zhaolin Mountain Villa, Tanghe Lake Scenic Area, Longmen Temple, Yanzhou City, Confucian Temple, etc. It is one of China's excellent tourist cities.

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Available in all seasons

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2 days

Local climate

Temperate semi humid continental climate

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