Anshan, the third largest city in Liaoning Province, is named after a saddle-shaped mountain peak in the southern part of the city. It is the largest steel industry city in Northeast China and the cradle of China's steel industry in the new era. Anshan is also known as the "Jade Capital of China" for its abundant production of xiu yu jade.

Anshan boasts rich tourism resources including Mount Qianduo Lianhua with its thousands of lotus flowers, Tanggangzi Hot Spring - one of China's four largest rehabilitation centers, Yufu Temple housing the world's tallest jade Buddha statue, and Baiyun Mountain integrating natural and cultural attractions that leave visitors lingering.

In addition to its modern steel industry, Anshan's natural scenery, hot springs, temples, and glimpses into traditional culture make it an appealing destination. Visitors can relax at scenic spots and sample delicious northeastern cuisines here in the jade capital of China.

Best Travel Time

Available in all seasons, best in summer

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Temperate monsoon climate

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