Jinzhou is a renowned commercial hub and vibrant modern port city brimming with potential. This strategically important city saw fierce battles during the Liao-Song War and Liaoshen Campaign. It is home to the tide-revealing Beijia Mountain Bridge, Mount Yiwulu where emperors visited most frequently, the 1,500-year-old Wanfo Temple Grottoes, Liaoshen Campaign Memorial, Qingyan Temple, Fengguo Temple, North Putuo Mountain, and other cultural attractions.

Jinzhou’s natural landscapes such as seaside cliffs, misty mountains, and ancient cypress groves contrast with sites of modernity like the eco-city and port area. Visitors can take in breathtaking views along the Yellow Sea coastline, reflect at battle memorials, explore mountain temples, and experience Jinzhou’s storied past merging seamlessly into its prosperous present. With abundant heritage and hospitality, Jinzhou warmly welcomes travelers seeking history, scenery, and adventure.

Best Travel Time

Summer Best

Suggested playing days

1-2 days

Local climate

Warm temperate continental monsoon climate

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