Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture lies in southwestern Sichuan, southeast of Yunnan Province across the Jinsha River. The prefectural capital, Xichang, midway on the Chengdu-Kunming Railway, was an important town on the ancient "Southern Silk Road" to Yunnan and Southeast Asia. Known as the "Moon City", Xichang is home to the famous satellite launch center, making it a renowned aerospace hub.

Inhabited by over 10 ethnic groups including Han, Yi, Tibetan, Mongolian, and Naxi peoples, Liangshan is the largest Yi minority concentration in China. With pleasant weather year-round, Liangshan enjoys the reputation of "Flowers forever bloom, four seasons like spring".

Ancient ethnic customs thrive, like the walking marriage tradition of the Mosuo people by Lugu Lake. Abundant attractions include Lugu Lake, Mount Luorong, Xichang Old Town, Leibo Mahu Scenic Area, Haili Ancient City, and more.

Come discover Liangshan's vibrant mosaic of diverse ethnic groups and charming natural and cultural treasures!

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