Situated in southwestern Sichuan province, Panzhihua lies at the confluence of the Jinsha and Yalong Rivers. As China's only city named after a flower, Panzhihua is a vital transportation and commercial hub on the Southern Silk Road. 

Abundant mineral resources have established Panzhihua as western China's largest center for steel, vanadium, titanium, and energy production, earning it the monikers "Treasure Basin of Wealth" and "Pearl of Western Industry."

Panzhihua's diverse natural wonders include numerous national and provincial forest parks that offer plant-lovers a botanical paradise. Experience the thrills of the "Yangtze's No.1 Drift" along Asia's longest river. Soak in Red Palace's hot springs, wander primeval cypress forests, and take in Miyi's Moon Viewing Tower and Longshan Cave. Let Panzhihua's flair surprise you at every turn!

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

A three-dimensional climate based on the South Asian tropics

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