Garze sits on the upper reaches of the Yalong River. Attractions include Gonga Snow Mountain and Yading Shenshan in Jiulong County, Meili Gangkar Snow Mountain in Daocheng County, Tagong Yala Snow Mountain, Batang Cuopu Valley, and the famous Kham region Namose Monastery.

Legend tells of a pure white jade sheep on Garze's northwest slope, its fleece immaculate, shining brilliantly under sunlight with captivating radiance and beauty.

Garze abounds with precious medicinal herbs like antler, musk, bezoar, and cordyceps, along with rare animals such as deer, otters, and tragopans.

Come explore Garze's Tibetan heritage, stunning peaks, exotic wildlife, and mythic legends!

Best Travel Time

Spring and autumn are the best, and the winter climate is relatively harsh, making it unsuitable for tourism.

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Plateau Valley Climate

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