Jinchang City is located in the eastern Hexi Corridor, north of the Qilian Mountains. It borders Wuwei to the east, Zhangye to the west, the Great Wall to the south, and the Yugur Autonomous County of Sunan and Menyuan Autonomous County of Qinghai to the south. To the north lies the Gobi Desert, adjacent to Alxa Right Banner of Inner Mongolia. Jinchang is known for its rich nickel resources and called "China's Nickel Capital". It has abundant non-ferrous metal deposits, especially platinum group metals with nickel.

Jinchang has abundant tourism resources and many cultural relics. These include the Li Tribe ruins from Western Han Dynasty, sections of the Han and Ming Great Wall, and numerous Han tombs; the Dunrong Temple Pagoda from Tang Dynasty; and the famous Ming Dynasty Yongchang Bell and Drum Tower, hailed as the "Pillar Holding up the Sky of Hexi". Natural scenery includes the Badanjilin Desert, Qilian River Valley Eco-tourism Area, and the Imperial Horse Ranch.

Best Travel Time

May October

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Continental temperate arid climate

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