Hengshui enjoys convenient transportation and is known as the “Golden Crossroads”, with the poetic nicknames of “Northern Lake City” and “Peach City”. Though a young and vibrant city, Hengshui possesses profound cultural heritage comparable to ancient cities, with many key national and provincial cultural relics protection units. Its natural scenery is also appealing for leisure and vacation. In short, Hengshui is an ideal destination for relaxation and travel. Hengshui spans 115°10’-116°34’ E and 37°03’-38°23’ N, covering a total area of 8,815 km2. It borders Cangzhou and Dezhou in Shandong to the east, Shijiazhuang to the west, Xingtai to the south, and Baoding and Cangzhou to the north. The seat of the city government in Taocheng District sits 250 km north of Beijing and 119 km west of provincial capital Shijiazhuang.

Known as the "Golden Crossroads", dynamic Hengshui also boasts the nicknames "Northern Lake City" and "Peach City". Though young, it has profound cultural heritage and natural scenery perfect for travel and relaxation. Spanning 8,815 km2, Hengshui borders several major cities while located just 250 km from Beijing. With its ideal location, rich history and attractions, Hengshui is an appealing destination.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons, spring and autumn are the best.

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Temperate monsoon climate

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