Cangzhou, located in Hebei Province, overlooks the Bohai Sea to the east and is close to Beijing and Tianjin. It faces Shandong Peninsula and Liaodong Peninsula across the sea and is designated as one of China’s coastal opening cities. Cangzhou is nationally renowned for its petrochemical industry and is an important transportation hub in northern China for land and sea routes. Cangzhou has nurtured many famous talents throughout history, including Ji Xiaolan, chief editor of Complete Library of the Four Treasuries during the Qing dynasty; Zhang Zhidong, a leader of the Late Qing Reform; and renowned writer Wang Meng. The scenic Baiyang Lake is known as the “Pearl of North China”. Cangzhou also enjoys the titles of “Hometown of Martial Arts” and “Hometown of Acrobatics”. The Wubei Acrobatics World has been listed as a folk tourism attraction by the China National Tourism Administration.

Overlooking the Bohai Sea near Beijing and Tianjin, Cangzhou is a coastal city famed for petrochemicals and transportation. It has birthed many talents like Ji Xiaolan, Zhang Zhidong and Wang Meng. Home to scenic Baiyang Lake and sites like the Wubei Acrobatics World, Cangzhou enjoys rich culture as the “Hometown of Martial Arts” and “Hometown of Acrobatics”. Its strategic location, industries and culture make Cangzhou an important northern city.

Best Travel Time

Suitable for all seasons, spring and summer are the best.

Suggested playing days

2 days

Local climate

Warm temperate semi-arid and semi humid monsoon climate

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