Zhongwei City is situated in the central and western part of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, bordering on Wuzhong City in the east, connecting with Guyuan City and Jingyuanshi in the south, and sharing a border with Jingyuanshi and Gansu Province in the west. It neighbors Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's Alashan Left Banner in the north. The terrain is complex and diverse, with the southern part mainly consisting of Loess Plateau while the northern part featuring low mountains and deserts. The middle part, known as Weining Plain, benefits from the irrigation of the Yellow River, making the land fertile and the region abundant in produce. It is therefore享有盛誉 as the "land of fish and rice".

Zhongwei City is an important stop on the ancient Silk Road and a crucial pass for the spread of Eastern religions to Central Asia. It is also a place where Eastern and Western civilizations met and mixed, leaving behind a rich cultural heritage. The exquisitely designed mosques scattered around the city are well worth visiting. In addition, Zhongwei is also a center of tourism in the Shaan-Gan-Ning revolutionary base area revitalization plan, attracting many红色旅游tourists every year.

With its combination of diverse landscapes, Zhongwei City is a place of natural beauty and cultural heritage. It is a city worth exploring and experiencing.

Best Travel Time

Best in Spring and Autumn

Suggested playing days

1 day

Local climate

Temperate continental monsoon climate

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