Nestled along the Yangtze River north of Dongting Lake, Yueyang enjoys a superior geographical location, picturesque scenery, fertile lands and abundant resources - earning it the reputation as the "land of fish and rice".

With over 200 mineral deposits, Yueyang's vanadium reserves lead Asia. As a cradle of Chinese culture, Yueyang brings together famous mountains, waters, towers, historical figures, and literary masterpieces.

Highlights include Yueyang Tower, Cishi Pagoda, Lu Su's Tomb, Yuezhou Academy, and islands like Junshan and Bianshan in Dongting Lake. South Lake Park offers urban oasis.

Climb Yueyang Tower, and admire Dongting Lake's islands and expansive views. Pay homage to ancient scholar Lu Su. Savor Yueyang's cultural legacies and timeless natural splendor. A city blessed by both man and nature awaits.

Best Travel Time

Best from May to October

Suggested playing days

1-2 days

Local climate

Subtropical monsoon climate with humid climate and distinct four seasons